New rules to endorse a plan manager when you have an NDIS plan

Acacia Plan Management endorse plan manager

Reading Time: 2 mins If your NDIS plan is on PACE, the NDIA’s new computer system, then there is a new way of choosing a plan manager you need to know about.  You must now endorse your chosen plan manager, which means you need to let the NDIA know you are choosing to manage your plan.  Rest assured, it’s a quick […]

Update to NDIS Code of Conduct and Price Differentiation Rules

Acacia Plan Management NDIS price differentiation

Reading Time: 2 mins If you are an NDIS participant, you may have encountered instances where you’ve been quoted for a good or service related to your disability that seemed higher than ‘normal’.  This isn’t an unusual practice.  The NDIS called this ‘price differentiation’ or a ‘twin pricing regime’. It is when a provider charges a participant a higher […]

Easing the back to school transition

Acacia Plan Management back to school disability

Reading Time: 4 mins The return to the new school year can sometimes be a daunting, anxious or thrilling time for a child.  If you have a child with a disability, it can be an especially nervous time so maximising their opportunity to prepare and providing as much information as possible can help ease the whole family into a […]

12 tips to help you have a fabulous Christmas

Acacia Plan Management tips for Christmas

Reading Time: 3 mins The holiday season is upon us once more, giving us time to reconnect and celebrate with family and friends. Although this can be a lot of fun, this time of year can bring about a few extra stressors, so be kind to yourself and follow our great suggestions. We’ve put together our top tips to […]

Everything you need to know about NDIS scams and how to prevent them

Acacia Plan Management NDIS scams

Reading Time: 3 mins In our fast-paced digital world, scammers are upping their game to exploit unsuspecting individuals within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) community.  As technology advances, these scamming activities skilfully take on various forms. By diving into the intricacies of NDIS scams, people like yourself can empower themselves with the knowledge needed to stop potential threats. […]

More information about the NDIS’ new PACE system

Acacia Plan Management NDIS PACE system

Reading Time: 7 mins We have anticipated the launch of the NDIA’s new computer system PACE for some time now.  Since its nationwide launch on 30 October, there has been more information filtering through; you may already have been introduced as a user.  It’s much easier to work with change when you understand it and we’re going to explain […]

What are NDIS Capacity Building Supports and how can I spend them?

Acacia Plan Management Capacity Building Supports

Reading Time: 4 mins Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when understanding the various supports available to you. Capacity building supports are one of the three types of supports budgets that your plan might include.  The other two types of budgets are core supports and capital supports. Capacity Building Supports are designed to empower individuals to […]

How to use your Core Supports funding more flexibly

Acacia Plan Management Core Support budget

Reading Time: 4 mins Did you know that your Core Supports budget is the most versatile of all your funding?  If you have Core Supports in your NDIS plan, you can use your budget in many creative ways.  Knowing how to use your budget in more flexible ways takes some inside knowledge.  Let us help you explore some of the more creative […]

All we know about the NDIS’ new PACE system

Acacia Plan Management new NDIS PACE system

Reading Time: 3 mins The NDIS began trialling a new system called PACE aimed at improving and optimising the participant experience. The trial began in Tasmania in November 2022 and is expected to launch to the rest of Australia in November 2023. What do we know about the PACE system? PACE is a new computer system aimed at improving […]

Highlights from the NDIS Quarterly Review Q4 2022/3

Acacia Plan Management NDIS quarterly report

Reading Time: 2 mins Last week, the NDIA has released its quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2022-23.  The report details information the performance of the NDIS from 1 April to 30 June 2023.  It explores NDIS data and provides feedback and results about its progress on initiatives and promises, successes and shortcomings. After reaching its tenth year […]

What happens when an NDIS participant turns 18?

Acacia Plan Management when a participant turns 18

Reading Time: 5 mins When a young person turns 18, it is often a time of excitement and celebration.  It can also be an emotional turning point for some.  For NDIS participants, it may not come with the same levels of independence or decision making as their peers.  So, what happens when a young person on the NDIS turns […]

What is supported decision making?

Acacia Plan Management supported decision making

Reading Time: 4 mins We all have a right to make decisions about things that shape or impact our lives. These can be everyday decisions like what to wear and what to eat. It can also be big decisions like where to live or our relationships.   We often get support from other people to make decisions. This includes asking […]

NDIS Price Guide 2023/24 updates announced

Acacia Plan Management 2023/24 Price Guide updates

Reading Time: 2 mins The NDIA’s annual pricing review has been completed and the 2023/24 Pricing Arrangement and Pricing Limits (PAPL) document has been released!  There have been some important pricing changes that will take effect from 1 July 2023.  This article details these updates and what they mean for participants and providers.  Price limits for supports provided by […]

The age of children supported under the NDIS early childhood approach is changing

Acacia Plan Management NDIS early childhood approach

Reading Time: 2 mins The NDIS early childhood approach currently supports children under the age of 7 and their families.  However from 1 July 2023, there will be progressive changes to increase the age range to include children under the age of 9. The transition will roll out over the following 2 years. The expansion of the age range […]

Updates to the Assistive Technology Price Guide

Acacia Plan Management will NDIS fund my ipad or device

Reading Time: 2 mins The NDIA Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits document has been updated with significant changes to assistive technology funding. For the first time, subscription services in the Consumables or Assistive Technology categories have been included in the price guide. Subscription services are items or services that require regular payments. For example, software that improves accessibility, such […]

Registered vs. unregistered NDIS providers: what are the differences?

Acacia Plan Management registered vs unregistered providers

Reading Time: 4 mins We are often asked whether it is better for an NDIS participant to deal with a registered or not registered provider.  Equally, our providers also question whether they should register with the NDIS or remain unregistered.  This article will explain the pros and cons of both options and if you’re a provider, may help you […]

National Cabinet commits to reboot NDIS with $720 million investment

Acacia Plan Management NDIS reboot

Reading Time: 2 mins The National Cabinet of Australia has committed to reboot the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to provide life-changing outcomes for future generations of Australians with disability. The framework will build on the immediate action the Commonwealth is taking with the NDIA Board to improve the Scheme and ensure its sustainability. The Commonwealth Government is investing […]

Psychosocial disability and the NDIS

Acacia Plan Management psychosocial disability

Reading Time: 5 mins It is estimated more than 600,000 Australians live with a psychosocial disability – severe and permanent mental illness of which approximately 64,000 are eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). What is a psychosocial disability? Not everyone living with a mental health illness has a disability or be eligible for NDIS support. A mental […]

How do I determine what to charge NDIS participants?

Acacia Plan Management what to charge NDIS participants

Reading Time: 3 mins Providers are fundamental to the lives of every NDIS participant as they provide the essential supports and services they require to live with a disability.  Providers are in control of what to charge NDIS participants to supply these supports however the NDIS sets out guidelines for providers when they determine their pricing.  The onus is […]

What do I do when an invoice isn’t paid?

Acacia Plan Management unpaid invoice

Reading Time: 3 mins We all know the feeling when clients or plan managers haven’t paid an invoice or a series of invoices.  Sometimes the lack of cashflow can leave us feeling anxious, frustrated or upset, especially if they are repeat offenders.  This article explains what you can do when an invoice is unpaid and some of the reasons […]