Suzanne’s Story

Acacia Plan Management Suzanne Deng client story

Reading Time: < 1 min Suzanne has renewed confidence and meaning in her life after earning her drivers license and receiving additional support at home. Suzanne is a 30-year-old who loves horse riding and being able to drive herself to work and social engagements.  Suzanne has Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and associated mental health and anxiety related issues.  Before receiving […]

The NDIS 2021-22 Annual Pricing Review

Acacia Plan Management NDIS 2021-22 Annual Pricing Review

Reading Time: 3 mins The 2021-22 Annual Pricing Review Consultation Paper has been released.  The NDIS are seeking feedback about price limits and policy for the next financial year.  The paper looks at current NDIS pricing arrangements and price limits and related policies to determine if they are appropriate, or if changes may be required.  The paper outlines topics […]