Suzanne’s Story

Acacia Plan Management Suzanne Deng client story
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Suzanne has renewed confidence and meaning in her life after earning her drivers license and receiving additional support at home.

Suzanne is a 30-year-old who loves horse riding and being able to drive herself to work and social engagements.  Suzanne has Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and associated mental health and anxiety related issues.  Before receiving funding from NDIS, Suzanne had limited external support and the independence to travel to and from work and leisure activities.  She was seeking support to find answers to her situation, get better and recover.

After speaking with a close confidante who is also a mental health worker, Suzanne was encouraged to call Acacia Plan Management.  The team at Acacia Plan Management’s friendly, professional and helpful service has allowed her to afford services and supports that she was otherwise not connected with.

Suzanne’s funding has helped support her learn-to-drive needs.  The NDIS funded her driving lessons and helped build her confidence to drive.  Being able to drive to her full-time job in Ipswich each day has given Suzanne great purpose and meaning in her life.

For a period, she had wonderful support workers come to her home to assist with tasks and errands around the house. NDIS and Acacia Plan Management also helped Suzanne find a suitable and compatible psychologist who she still sees to this day.  Suzanne has built excellent rapport with her psychologist allowing her to achieve many of her goals.  The NDIS also funds horse-riding lessons that help to alleviate periods of anxiety.

Working with Acacia Plan Management to manage her NDIS funding has changed her life for the better.  Suzanne says, “I highly recommend my plan manager Nina particularly as well as my support coordinator Nerida for all their help.”