The importance of having a Carer Statement

Acacia Plan Management carers agreement

Reading Time: 2 mins If you’re an NDIS participant, you will understand the importance of having as much documentation as possible to support your initial NDIS application and for future planning meetings.  One very useful document you may choose to include is a Carer or Impact Statement.  Your carer will often know and understand you and your unique needs […]

7 key items to include on your NDIS tax invoice

Acacia Plan Management 7 key items NDIS tax invoice

Reading Time: < 1 min As an NDIS service provider, you are likely familiar with the importance of being paid on time.  To ensure you avoid any delays in being paid, there are 7 key items you need to include on your NDIS tax invoice. Our downloadable tax invoice template will help ensure your NDIS tax invoice is never rejected […]