7 key items to include on your NDIS tax invoice

Acacia Plan Management 7 key items NDIS tax invoice
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As an NDIS service provider, you are likely familiar with the importance of being paid on time.  To ensure you avoid any delays in being paid, there are 7 key items you need to include on your NDIS tax invoice.

  1. Your business name, ABN and bank account details.  Your ABN must be an exact match to what is listed on ABN Lookup.
  2. A unique invoice number.  Having an invoice numbering system in place is important to avoid duplication that will lead to rejection.
  3. The customer’s full name.  Including their NDIS number is helpful, though not mandatory.
  4. A description of the service you provided.  Including the service’s NDIS line item is helpful, though not mandatory.
  5. An invoice issue date and the date of service delivery.
  6. The number of support hours supplied and the hourly rate.
  7. The total amount being invoiced including any GST amounts, if applicable.

Our downloadable tax invoice template will help ensure your NDIS tax invoice is never rejected and always processed the first time.