NDIS quotable support items and claiming updates

Acacia Plan Management quotable support items
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When the Price Guide 2020-21 was released, the NDIA included additional detail about NDIS quotable support items, such as preparation and delivery of meals.

The clarification was added to address the practice of flexible core funds being used to pay for quotable support items that have not been approved as reasonable and necessary.

Providers should not claim for quotable supports unless the item is:

  1. determined as reasonable and necessary by a planner
  2. stated in the participant’s plan
  3. a quote has been submitted
  4. the quote has been accepted by the Agency
  5. the participant has agreed that the provider can deliver that support at the quoted price.

Once a quote has been approved, the support becomes a stated item in the participant’s plan.

If a quotable support is not included in a participant’s plan, the planner has made the decision that the support is not reasonable and necessary. If a support item isn’t considered reasonable and necessary, NDIS funds shouldn’t be used to purchase it.

Learn more about Reasonable and necessary supports here.

This is not a new policy but more detail was included in the NDIS Price Guide 2020–21 to clarify pricing arrangements for the following quotable supports under Core – Assistance with Daily Life:

  • Daily personal activities – on-call overnight monitoring, and assistance from live-in carer.
  • Assistance with household tasks – preparation and delivery of meals, and linen service.
  • Specialised driver training support.

Participants who are currently using core funds to pay for quotable support items that are not stated in their plan can continue to do so during their current plan. If they want to continue to use these support items after the end of their current plan, then they should discuss this as part of their next plan review.

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