How to have Plan Management included in your NDIS plan

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If you have chosen to have your funds plan managed, all you need to do is ask for it during your meeting or at any point during your plan. Every NDIS participant has the right to have Plan Management services included in their plan.  The NDIS Act states that the “NDIA must give effect to a participant’s plan management request”.

There is no cost to have a Plan Manager included in your plan. The NDIS covers all the costs when it is included in your plan under the category ‘Improved Life Choices’.

Plan management gives you more flexibility and control than having it managed by the NDIA and is less admin-heavy when compared to the self-managed option. You may be asked why you wish to have plan management included however you do not have to explain or justify why if you do not want to.  The request is sufficient to have it included in your plan.

By having Plan Management included in your NDIS plan, it doesn’t affect any of your other NDIS funding.  Additional funding will be included in your plan to cover it.  The NDIS recognises that the expertise of a Plan Manager could be beneficial for all participants, irrespective of their capacity to manage their funds themselves.

If you have an existing plan and would like to add Plan Management to it, you are able to request a review.  To learn more about how to request a review, contact our friendly Plan Managers on 1300 MYPLAN.