How to switch to Plan Management

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There are 3 ways you can manage your NDIS funding – agency-managed, plan-managed and self-managed. Agency-managed means your funds are managed by the NDIA and you can only access registered providers who can claim directly from the NDIS. Self-managed means you are responsible for all administration and claims yourself.  Making the switch to a plan manager like Acacia Plan Management is one simple and successful way.

The option you choose can have a considerable impact on your NDIS journey and the type of support you receive. Thankfully, if you want to access plan management, you don’t need to wait for your plan review to come around. You can switch to plan management quite seamlessly.

Below are the key things you need to know about making the switch to plan management while in the middle of your NDIS plan.  

Can I access Plan Management?   

Yes, everyone can have plan management included in their plan. If you ask for plan management, the NDIS are legally required to fund it in your plan.  

How do I switch to Plan Management?  

If you’re in the middle of your plan and don’t have a plan review coming up, you can switch to plan management by contacting your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or the NDIS directly. Here’s how to make the change in three simple steps:

  • Call the NDIS (1800 800 110) or your LAC (their phone number will be on your NDIS plan) and ask for a ‘light touch review’ or ‘desktop review’. 
  • Explain that you would like to switch to plan management. While there is not an eligibility criterion you need to meet, you may be asked why you want to switch. Explain your reasons (which can include things like wanting to access unregistered providers or wanting assistance with managing your budgets) as this will help ensure your request is processed as quickly as possible.   
  • Once your request is approved, you will be contacted by the NDIS or your LAC.

Why Plan Management?

There are many reasons why people find plan management to be the best option for them.   

  • The choice of provider is yours: Plan management gives you the flexibility to choose from both NDIS registered and unregistered providers. This freedom is not possible if you’re NDIA managed.   
  • Administration is taken care of: Your plan manager will handle the day-to-day admin that comes with your plan and help you keep track of your fund balance.  
  • We give you the tools: If you’re a client of Acacia Plan Management, you’ll get access to our plan management software that make it easy to track your spending, manage your invoices and more.    
  • We have the expertise: Your plan manager can be a partner on your NDIS journey, offering expert advice to help you get the most out of your plan and work with you to navigate the NDIS requirements.
  • Ongoing support: Your plan manager is available to support and navigate you through your NDIS journey.

Do you have more questions?

If you would like to learn more about our plan management options, read this handy Fact Sheet. To join Acacia Plan Management, get in touch with us once your request for plan management is approved by calling us on 1300 MYPLAN.