The NDIS ‘Would We Fund It’ guide updates

Acacia Plan Management NDIS Would we fund it guide
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The NDIS’ ‘Would we fund it’ guide was introduced earlier this year to improve transparency on how decisions are made about supports the NDIS may fund.  The guide lets you browse through commonly requested support items and services.

We often get asked whether the NDIS will fund X because someone with the same or similar disability has been approved for Y. This will depend on the NDIS and one’s individual circumstances. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why the NDIS appears to provide different responses to similar cases.

A recent update to the guide includes new guidance material and case examples on four types of supports:

For each support item, there is an explanation about how the NDIS typically make “reasonable and necessary” decisions.

When the NDIS make a reasonable and necessary decision, it is based on many different criteria including what your disability support needs are, your living arrangements and what is reasonable for informal supports, like families and carers to provide. 

When determining whether a support is reasonable and necessary for you, they look at the information you give them alongside the NDIS Funding Criteria in the Reasonable and Necessary guidelines.

To read the NDIS Would we fund it guide, click here.