What are the differences between a Plan Manager, Support Coordinator and Local Area Coordinator?

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Do you find yourself scratching your head with all these new terms and roles? This article aims to explain the key differences in these support roles and may help you to choose what works best for you.

There are three ways that your NDIS budget can be managed:

  • NDIA-managed
  • Self-managed
  • Plan-managed

Or your plan can also have a combination of all three. If your NDIS funding is plan-managed, you will have a Plan Manager.

Plan Manager

The role of a Plan Manager is to:

  • Receive and pay your provider invoices
  • Claim funding from the NDIA
  • Keep track of your funding
  • Provide monthly statements.

During your planning meeting/review, you can request to have Plan Management included in your NDIS plan and separate funding for this service will be included. There are no additional costs involved.

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Support Coordinator

Do you need more help coordinating your supports and services? If you do, the NDIA may fund a Support Coordinator in your NDIS plan.  A Support Coordinator’s role is to assist you to use your plan to achieve your goals, live more independently, increase your skills and be included in your community and employment.

A Support Coordinator will work alongside you to:

  • help you understand and implement your NDIS plan
  • link to community, mainstream and other government services
  • connect to providers and supports
  • assist in negotiating with providers about their services and costs
  • ensure service agreements and service bookings are completed
  • help build the ability to exercise choice and control
  • assist you in planning ahead to prepare for a plan review.

Similar to plan management, funding for support coordination needs to be requested to be included in your plan.

Local Area Coordinators

Are you new to the NDIS and yet to develop and receive your plan?

A Local Area Coordinator (LAC) will hold a planning meeting with you and collect information to pass onto the NDIA to be converted into your new plan. Once your plan is approved, if you do not have support coordination funding, your LAC will assist you with implementing and understanding your plan. This includes showing you how to use the myplace portal and connecting with funded supports. Your LAC should support you throughout your plan. They are funded by the government, so there are no out of pocket costs for you.